Join Spirit 92.9 in making a huge difference in Central Minnesota in 2018!

The goal: As a listening family, commit one thousand Random Acts of Spirit in our community this year!

Think of the positive effect we can have by being intentional about being a blessing to others! All you have to do is look for opportunities to do acts of kindness. You could pay for the person behind you in the drive thru, shovel a neighbor’s sidewalk, deliver a meal to a family experiencing illness…be creative-be aware of needs and opportunities-and then share them here so we can keep track of how our impact is growing.

Let’s work together to cover our community with love by committing 1,000 Random Acts of Spirit!


Some recent stories:
Mary has had a tough year. In a recent prayer request she sent us, she mentioned her tires were bad and she was unable to replace them. So, our friends at Miller Auto and Marine stepped in and helped out by donating new tires! -Spirit 92.9

“Instead of selling things I no longer need, I’m donating them to a women’s shelter.” -Polly

“I paid for the person behind me in the Burger King drive thru.” -Andy

“A co-worker of mine purchased & delivered freezie pops to the warehouse workers on this super hot day. ” -Margaret

“We made bags of small Toiletries, food items, cash and a water bottle to hand out to the homeless. We give these out as we see folks that can use them.” -Jan

I committed a Random Act of Spirit!

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