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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Spirit 92.9 App

We’re always on the go, and we know you are too. So wouldn’t it be nice to be able to carry your Christian radio station in your pocket for encouragement throughout the day, even when you’re not near a radio?

With the free Spirit 92.9 app, you can now take your favorite Christian radio station with you wherever your travels take you! The app, which plays music and does so much more, is available for download on the Apple iTunes or Android Play stores by searching for “Spirit 92.9”, or you can click here for Apple and here for Android devices.

Listen Live/Artist Information

The most obvious feature of this app is the “Listen Live” option, which is always at the top right after opening the app. It will stream your Christian radio station live from the studio to your earbuds!

Have you ever heard a song you loved but had no idea who sings it? That is a think of the past now, because your Christian radio station has the name and biography of every artist who plays ready for you! Simply tap the artist’s name to be taken to the information. You can also see where or if they are currently touring!

You can even listen to samples of every artist whenever you’d like.


Besides the contests on the website, Spirit 92.9 also runs app-only contests for you to take advantage of. So be sure to download so you don’t miss out on any of the fun or prizes!

Quickly Reach Website Of Spirit 92.9, Your Christian Radio Station

The app also has the entire Spirit 92.9 website and Facebook page built right in so you never have to leave the app!

You can sign a child or parent up for a birthday or anniversary celebration, save money on the Shop ‘n Save page, sponsor your Christian radio station with a donation, or apply for a prayer request, all from your phone.

Remember, whether on a desktop, laptop or on your mobile device, listen live to your Christian radio station Spirit 92.9 to hear all of your favorite, family friendly artists!

5 Facts You Won’t Believe About Christian Radio Stars For King & Country

For King & Country is a fantastic musical duo, which you can hear in regular rotation on your Christian radio station, Spirit 92.9

You might know the pair of brothers is from Australia, or that they’re now based in Nashville. You might have seen them tour with Christian radio regular Newsboys in St. Cloud in 2013, but you might not know some of the facts we’ve gathered here!

1. All In The Family

For King & Country is a duo made up of Joel and Luke Smallbone, a pair of brothers originally from Syndey, Australia who moved to Nashville when they were young.

Joel and Luke have five other siblings, one of whom is Rebecca St. James, who is a well known Christian pop rock singer who won a Grammy for Best Gospel Rock Album in 2000 for her release, Pray. Their father was a music promoter who would take the kids to concerts.

2. Band Of Many Names

Joel and Luke first began making music for Christian radio in 2007 under the band name Joel & Luke. In 2008, they changed the band name to Austoville. And in 2009, when they signed with Warner Music Group, they changed their name to For King & Country after the famous British battle cry.

3. Grammy Winners

Just like their sister Rebecca, the brothers have their own Grammys for their contributions to Christian radio.

For King & Country won two Grammys in 2015, one for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album for Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong, the other for Best Contemporary Music Performance/Song for “Messengers” by Lecrae featuring For King & Country.

4. Climbing To The Top

When the brothers began to get noticed, they rose fast. The released For King & Country: The EP in 2011, and the first Christian radio single off of it, “Busted Heart”, was the fastest rising single of 2011 on Billboard’s Christian Songs chart, climbing the Top 10 for weeks and peaking at No. 3.

5. Multi-Talented

Besides Christian radio music, Joel also has talents as an actor. He appeared in a non-singing role as King Xerxes in the 2014 film The Book of Esther from Pure Flix Entertainment, and will be playing the lead in a 2016 film, Priceless, which will be executive produced by Luke.

Remember, whether on a desktop, laptop or on your mobile device, listen live to your Christian radio station Spirit 92.9 to hear all of your favorite, family friendly artists like For King & Country!

Why Is The National Day Of Prayer Important?

The National Day of Prayer is an annual observance in our country inviting people of all faiths to pray for our nation, held on the first Thursday of May. A similar day of fasting and prayer was first enacted in 1775 by the Second Continental Congress, but the modern observance began in 1952.

Prayer, especially on a national day such as this, is significant because it enables us to recall and teach the way our founding fathers sought wisdom from God when facing challenges and decisions. The National Day of Prayer enables us to humbly come before God, seeking His guidance for our leaders and His grace upon us as a people.

This is a day which belongs to all Americans, transcending different religions to bring us together as citizens.

Historical Significance

The Continental Congress first called for a national day of fasting and prayer back in 1775.

You may think the National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving have some commonalities, and you would be right. Traditionally in New England, observances in the fall called for prayer and thanksgiving, while observances in the spring called for prayer and fasting.

The practice of calling for a national day of fasting and prayer has been common among every president except for Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, both who believed prayer is a personal and not a governmental matter.

Modern Observance

The modern observance was set in 1952 by President Harry S. Truman. He signed a bill binding future presidents to proclaim the National Day of Prayer at an appropriate date of their choice every year. A regular date was set in 1988 to be the third Thursday of May.

There have been 67 presidential proclamations for the National Day of Prayer since 1952. Presidents Gerald R. Ford, George H. Bush and Barack H. Obama are the only ones to sign multiple National Day of Prayer proclamations in the same year.

3 Reasons To Save Money With Spirit 92.9

Everyone likes to save money with Spirit 92.9, and if you’ve come to this page, chances are you enjoy listening to on Spirit 92.9.

We have a great new way for you to support local Christian radio and local businesses while saving money in your budget. It’s called Shop ‘n Save!

Shop ‘n Save is an online auction site we created to help our great listeners get great deals from area businesses. Those who have partnered with us range from auto repair shops to bookstores, golf courses to grocery stores. The auction site has it all, and at great prices, so check it out!

3 Reasons To Save Money With Spirit 92.9


1. Save About 20-40% Off Of Retail

There are a lot of great businesses offering products and services through our Shop ‘n Save page: from a trampoline park in St. Cloud, to a restaurant in Melrose; from a pizza place in Becker to a dinner theatre in Chanhassen. Dozens and dozens of businesses are waiting for you to save money through our Shop ‘n Save page.

Most businesses are offering between 20-40% off of their retail prices. For example, many are offering $10 gift certificates for only $6, or $100 gift certificates for just $70! Many are also offering certificates towards certain items, like a phone company with a certificate for a $350 phone, selling for only $245!

2. Support Local Businesses

More than 135 local businesses have placed items or services for sale at our Shop ‘n Save page!

Supporting local companies is important. At small businesses, you will generally get better customer service because you are probably dealing with the owner or their family. Shopping small also creates local jobs; ⅔ of new jobs in the United States are created by small businesses.

And 90% of small-business owners contribute to their communities through volunteering, in-kind donations and or cash donations to local charities. What a wonderful reason to shop small!

3. Support Spirit 92.9

When you buy from local companies through Shop ‘n Save, these companies know Spirit 92.9 is helping them, and they in turn financially support our station. It is this relationship, between you, small businesses and our station, which allows us to continue to provide family-friendly, inspiring, fun and encouraging Christian music.

Head to our Shop ‘n Save page today to start saving, and support local businesses and Spirit 92.9!

Five Amazing Facts You Won’t Believe About Christian Music Band, MercyMe

MercyMe is a chart-topping contemporary Christian band from Texas that you probably hear multiple times a day if you listen live to Christian music station Spirit 92.9. You might already know the group was founded in Texas in 1994, and their first hit single, “I Can Only Imagine” helped their debut album go double platinum. And you might even be headed to their concert featuring MercyMe, Citizen Way and Zealand Worship at 6 p.m. on Sunday, April 10 at the River’s Edge Convention Center in St. Cloud (which you can buy tickets for here), but you might not know these five amazing facts about this Christian band.


MercyMe’s Lead Singer Was Almost Never A Singer At All

Bart Millard, MercyMe’s lead singer, wasn’t always an awesome vocalist. Bart is the son of Southern Methodist University All-American football player Arthur Millard. Bart’s older brother was also a football player, and so in high school he was actively involved on the team.

During a game, he broke both of his ankles which ended his career. Due to this injury, he had one elective class to fill and reluctantly joined choir. After some special encouragement from his choir director, Bart became very involved.

During college, he was asked by his youth pastor to help out with the youth group’s worship band and had the chance to sing one day, and the rest is history.


The Band Name Comes From Bart’s Grandmother

While Bart was working as a youth minister intern in Florida, his grandmother would often call to chat. She became concerned that he was always at home during the day instead of working and would exclaim, “Well mercy me, why don’t you get a real job?

‘Word Of God Speak’ Named Song Of The Decade

Off of the 2002 album Spoken For, which peaked at No. 2 on the Christian Albums chart, the song “Word of God Speak” went on to peak at No. 1 on Christian radio charts that year along with the title track. “Word of God Speak” actually spent a record 22 weeks on top of the newly created Billboard Christian Songs chart. The track also won Song of the Year and Pop/Contemporary Song of the Year in 2004 at the GMA Dove Awards as well as being honored as the No. 1 Christian song of the Decade (2000-2009) at the Billboard awards.

MercyMe had five other songs on the list of top songs of the decade, including “Here With Me”, “God With Us”, “You Reign”, “In the Blink of an Eye” and “Bring the Rain”.


Bart And His Wife Have Five Children

Bart said in an interview with a Christian radio station that it is a challenge to raise kids, but things are starting to turn around as the kids are getting older. He and his wife Sharon have five children. Sam, the oldest, then Gracie, Charlie, Sophie and Miles.

“Right now we’re in the bribe stage . . . if you go get the wipes and the diaper I’ll consider getting you a toy. And they go get it, then I say ‘I considered it and you’re not getting one,’” Bart said.


The Lineup Of MercyMe Hasn’t Always Been The Same

Bart Millard, James Phillip “Jim” Bryson and Mike Scheuchzer were the original members of MercyMe in 1994, with Bart on vocals, Jim on keyboard and Mike on guitar. The three originally set up a music studio and living area in an old abandoned daycare in Oklahoma City.

Nathan Cochran on bass guitar and Robin Troy “Robby” Shaffer on drums joined the group later that year, making the group five members strong.

In 2003, guitarist Barry Graul, who had previously been with the Christian hard rock band Whitecross, joined MercyMe, giving the group a second guitarist to provide more depth on their third studio album, Undone.

Remember to listen live to Christian music station Spirit 92.9 to hear all of your favorite, family friendly artists!

Events in St. Cloud, MN

There is always something to do in St. Cloud, MN. We are fortunate to live in such an incredible community that provides activities for everyone in the family. With so much going on, it can be challenging to find a single resource that highlights some of the best the St. Cloud area has to offer. Spirit 92.9 is your source for positive and uplifting, family-friendly programming, and we work hard to provide our listeners with the information they need. Our resource, the Spirit 92.9 Community Events Calendar is just what you’ve been looking for.

Something for Everyone

Looking for a fun outing for the family? Wondering about a family-friendly movie or play? Perhaps you need support to help you when times are tough. Alternatively, you may be looking for a group to bolster your faith. Whatever the case may be, the Spirit 92.9 Community Events Calendar has you covered. The calendar does more than just list the events. Detailed descriptions are also available. You can use the category drop down tab to find the events you are looking for quickly and easily. We also have an events feed you can subscribe to and become the first to know whenever a new event is added. The calendar is regularly updated, so please feel free to share your upcoming event with us as well. The Spirit 92.9 Community Events Calendar is your new resource to find the trusted family-friendly events, groups, and community activities to keep your family in the know.

Family-Friendly Spirit 92.9

Spirit 92.9 is dedicated to being your source for family-friendly radio programming in St. Cloud and throughout Central Minnesota. Our message is hope and encouragement, and we strive to be both positive and uplifting to all our listeners. We invite you to contact us for more information, song, and prayer requests, to offer your support for this ministry, or for any other reason. Call our studio line at (320) 257-0929 or office at (320) 251-1780. You can also email us at, or visit our Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter page. We are positive and encouraging, Spirit 92.9!

Click Listen Live and hear these incredible musicians for yourself!

Listen to Children Recite the Pledge of Allegiance on Spirit 92.9

One of the most patriotic things you can do on a regular basis is recite the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s a way of showing that you believe in the United States and that you will stand with your fellow Americans against threats to it. It’s also a way of affirming to yourself and others that you believe in the principles that the country was founded upon: the idea that liberty and justice are for all, not only a select few people.

While a person can say the Pledge of Allegiance any time they want, it’s very rare for someone to recite the pledge on their own. Instead, it is generally done in a group setting, and it’s usually said while facing the flag. Here are a few times we say the Pledge of Allegiance:

  • Some schools start the day with a student-led recital of the pledge.
  • It’s said before many government meetings or events begin.
  • Before many military ceremonies and events.
  • It may be said before any public gathering or ceremony.

Why Say It

While it does show that you believe in the United States and in what it stands for, the pledge is more than that. It’s a way of bringing all Americans together and united them. It gives us something to rally around, in addition to the flag, especially since there may be places where there is no flag, such as in a battle area. In that case, reciting the pledge together may give soldiers a sense of belonging and help make them feel more like a team.

Saying the pledge is also a way of showing respect for those who fought for our rights and who still fight for liberty and justice for all in other countries. It honors these soldiers and others who put their lives on the line or who have lost their lives fighting for the principles that the country stands for.

When children say the pledge in school, it gives teachers a chance to talk to them about honoring veterans and about serving their country when they get older. It can lead to a discussion about being in the military, about going into politics, or about working in a government office. It can even lead to talking about volunteering or about the history of the United States.

Some people, of course, simply say the pledge because it is tradition. There’s nothing wrong with that; in fact, some people say the pledge because it’s expected, and they don’t actually know much about its history or the meaning behind it. No matter why you say the pledge, the fact that you do shows that you love your country.

Reciting the Pledge Daily

If you want to join in a daily recital of the Pledge of Allegiance, one way to do so is to listen to Spirit 92.9. Children recite the Pledge of Allegiance on the radio daily, and once you find the standard time that it’s done, you can tune in and recite the pledge along with the children and thousands of others across the country.

Support Christian Radio in Central Minnesota

Encouragement, comfort, hope, faith and caring have always been our focus. In Central Minnesota, as it is anywhere else, there is a significant need for people to have a resource that can recharge their batteries, ease the burdens we face each day, and bring our families closer together. With a focus on providing the programming that is helpful to the widest range of people, Spirit 92.9 and the truth expressed in the music is powerful for those of any denomination. Persons of all ages, from all different walks of life, benefit from the ministry we work so hard to deliver. When you support Christian radio in Central Minnesota, you make a real difference in the lives of your fellow man.

Because we are a not for profit organization, the challenge we face is to generate the listener support, as well as the support of our business partners to continue moving forward. To reach as many people as possible with this source of hope and encouragement takes the generosity of many to operate and grow. Our listeners are extremely loyal, and we are so grateful for their support. They are making an impact on so many more people than they may even realize. Just turning on a radio, using your PC, or swiping your mobile device gives the people of Central Minnesota and beyond free access to this powerful programming. We wanted to share some of the reasons why your gift reaches far deeper than you may have known.

For Our MinistryNew-Spirit-92_9-Logo-300x200

Operating, maintaining, and upgrading our equipment is just one way that your financial support benefits us. Your donation becomes the catalyst to continue broadcasting. This and so many other operating expenses from our building to supporting the families of our team are directly funded from those dedicated to our cause. We just couldn’t continue without you.

For Our Listeners

We are honored and have the privilege of hearing so many beloved stories of how the right song at just the right time made a massive impact on an individual’s life. Music is such a powerful medium that people connect with on so many levels. Your support ensures that everyone who tunes in can find the support they need, just when they need it most.

For You

You already know how good it feels, and what a boost it is when you give to others. Your support of Spirit 92.9 magnifies that feeling, because instead of supporting one person, you are supporting our entire listening audience. It is a phenomenal way to give back and support your friends, family, and neighbors throughout the region.

Support Christian Radio in Central Minnesota

We fully realize that any financial gift should be made prayerfully and wisely. We also understand that you have many options of wonderful organizations that could benefit from your support. Choosing to partner with us in our mission is truly appreciated, and we cannot say thank you enough to those who have the means and desire to join us. For our listeners who may be unable at this time to support us financially, by praying for us, and sharing us with your friends, you too can make a difference. We are so proud to deliver positive and uplifting programming for the entire family for all of Central Minnesota, and we will give 100% to continue providing this powerful resource.

Family-Friendly Spirit 92.9

Spirit 92.9 is dedicated to being your source for family-friendly radio programming in St. Cloud and throughout Central Minnesota. Our message is hope and encouragement, and we strive to be both positive and uplifting to all our listeners. We invite you to contact us for more information, song, and prayer requests, to offer your support for this ministry, or for any other reason. Call our studio line at (320) 257-0929 or office at (320) 251-1780. You can also email us at, or visit our Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter page. We are positive and encouraging, Spirit 92.9!
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Experience the Programming Wherever You Are

We’ve often spoken about the benefits of having the programming wherever you are. Whether on your radio, your computer, or your mobile device, you have access to your favorite family-friendly radio station anywhere in the world. We wanted to share just a few ways that this service can serve you in ways you may not have considered.

Family Road Trips

For many families, the need to travel is a frequent occurrence. Even those families who rarely travel will occasionally need to put some miles on the minivan for a family holiday or quiet getaway. Families who love the family-friendly programming of Spirit 92.9 can be discouraged when they need to do some driving. Finding another station that they can trust to play music and programming that is not offensive, or that send a message they do not want their children to hear can be difficult. Fortunately, with our mobile app, Spirit 92.9 can be their go-to station whether they travel an hour away or across the country. Their favorite artists can provide the soundtrack to those memory-making moments.

Business Trips

For many employees and business owners, the need to travel will occasionally, or commonly arise. Just as it is when one is on a family road trip, having a trusted radio station with the programming they love can be hard to find when away from home. Whether you are on a plane to another state or another continent, just point your web address to our page, or open up our mobile app, and the programming you hear will make it seem as if you never left home. This access can be especially comforting when missing loved ones left behind.

Around Town

If you have ever sat in the doctor’s waiting room, waited for your oil change at the shop, or for any other reason had some time to kill, you know how tedious and long those moments can seem. Our mobile devices are often used during these times to play a game, check our email, or peruse Facebook. Thanks to the mobile app, our time can be used more productively, with greater effect than wasting our time on a game of solitaire. Keep a pair of earbuds handy, and instead click on our mobile app to get your dose of hope and encouragement. Technology now allows the programming on Spirit 92.9 to provide the soundtrack to your life, wherever life may take you.

Family-Friendly Spirit 92.9

Spirit 92.9 is dedicated to being your source for family-friendly radio programming in St. Cloud and throughout Central Minnesota. Our message is hope and encouragement, and we strive to be both positive and uplifting to all our listeners. We invite you to contact us for more information, song, and prayer requests, to offer your support for this ministry, or for any other reason. Call our studio line at (320) 257-0929 or office at (320) 251-1780. You can also email us at, or visit our Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter page. We are positive and encouraging, Spirit 92.9!
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