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I notice you play commercials and have on-air fundraisers, what is the money used for?


We’re really thankful for our business supporters (who you hear on the commercials) as they help with all of the everyday expense of running a radio station (mortgage, lights, etc.!)  Sharathon (our on-air fundraiser) is used for “growth and promotion” of the radio ministry — basically your donations are used to reach more families with the love of Christ through Spirit 92.9.  We do this through billboards and bus wraps, local parades, community events and school visits.  As a result, since we began doing Sharathons in 2004, our audience size has nearly tripled, we’re able to bring in national concert events to St. Cloud and we’re more active in the community than ever!  Thank you!!


I love your station…but I lose your signal as I get close to the cities…can you make it go further?


Unfortunately, our tower is as tall and our signal is as strong as the FCC will allow, so we can’t perform any upgrades to reach more of Minnesota and beyond.  What we can do is prayerfully consider expanding through translators (additional signals) in the future-with God’s provision. In the meantime-you can listen online anytime at or download our free mobile app!


What was that song?


If you ever hear a song, but don’t catch the name or artist, you can easily look it up on the home page of our website or on the app.  There’s also a form there where you can ask for help if you don’t see it!  Or, if you’re in your car, you can always call our office at 251-1780 during business hours!


How do you choose the music?


At Spirit 92.9 we’re doing our best to play the right mix of music for your family — including old favorites and the fresh new ones.  We take each new release (the record labels determine which songs to put out from each new CD and in what order) into serious consideration and evaluate its message, tone and quality.  We also consider what Christian music listeners are feeling in our music surveys and national testing results. We do our best to choose music that will be positive and uplifting for your family!


We have an event coming up; will you help us spread the word?


We’d be happy to!  When you submit your event it’ll be included on our online event calendar. The DJ’s will also choose events from the calendar to highlight on their shows throughout the week!


Would you join us at our event?


We occasionally attend events for our advertisers. If you are currently promoting an event please contact your account executive for more information.


Could we come and visit the station?


SURE!!  We LOVE that!!  To schedule a visit, please e-mail  We’d love to host your scout group, church group, club, classroom or family! We have pre-scheduled days in the summer and winter for tours.


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