It’s “your” song…the one you hear on Spirit 92.9 that means something special to you.

For Barb Kohorst of Albany, the song is “Forgiveness” by Matthew West. It’s the song that God has used to help her walk through the painstaking process of forgiving the man who murdered her 22 year old son, Leo.  As a long time listener of Spirit 92.9, Barb says listening to the station has walked her through different points in the grieving process. From songs of comfort, to songs of hope, to a song about the very difficult task of forgiveness. Watch Barb tell her story here:



Your  support of Spirit 92.9 helps ensure that songs of encouragement and hope are available anytime. For you, for Barb, and for thousands of others. Your support truly matters and has made a difference.

Spirit 92.9 would not be here without the support of faithful friends like you. The on air portion of our Spring Fundraiser was a huge success, but we still have a little ways to go to meet the financial goal for this year. God is using this radio ministry to impact lives, please prayerfully consider giving financially to keep it on the air.

Wendy Z 1Wendy | Hutchinson:
“I give to Spirit 92.9 because it blesses central Minnesota by spreading the word of God in so many ways.  The station promotes faith & family and I love being able to say I helped make that happen.  Plus the concerts and events they sponsor are the best and you don’t have to brave the traffic in the twin cities!!!



Tracy Tracy | St. Cloud:
“I give to Spirit because I’ve received so much and want to give back.  I believe in the power of music and know  that the only way some people will hear God’s word is through the song lyrics played on Spirit 92.9. It is  awesome to have a station the whole family can agree on and know that in the process, we are soaking in God’s  word.”


Special Event Team Member-$75 per month / $900 one time.  Sorry, the team is full at this time.

Day Sponsor – $40 per Month / $480 one time…see the difference a day can make!

DOLLAR-A-DAY – $30 per month or one time gift of $360.

Other Monthly Gift – $50 per month, $25 per month, $10 per Month, or any other monthly gift…whatever is on your heart!

One Time Gift – $25, $50, $100, $100, $1,000 or other amount




Your pledge of support will be dedicated to reaching even more families in Central Minnesota with the love of Christ through the positive message of Spirit 92.9.  Your gift helps fill the need left by having to turn away advertising opportunities in order to keep our family friendly programming promise!


You are welcome to pay by cash, check or credit card.  However, if you choose to pay automatically via debit or credit card, we’ll save money on postage, paper and time and therefore your gift will be put to the best possible use!


Yes. Spirit 92.9 (Gabriel Media) is now a 501(C)3 charitable organization.   As such, contributions and support are tax deductible.


Special Events Team

Please note that only the portion of your contribution that exceeds the value of any gifts you receive is tax-deductible. The estimated fair market value of your gift is $45 per concert ticket received.”

 Day Sponsor

Please note that only the portion of your contribution that exceeds the value of any gifts you receive is tax-deductible. The estimated fair market value of your gift of a Day Sponsorship is $160.”

Please contact us if you have any questions about the value of these items:!


THANK YOU for supporting a LOCAL radio station that:

–         Supports family values

–         Encourages You and Strengthens your faith

–         Shares God’s love with our community