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Spirit 92.9 wants to send someone home, or bring someone HOME for the Holidays!

While we wish we had the ability to make all the Home for the Holidays Christmas wishes we’ve received come true, seven submissions were selected for your consideration. Please take a few minutes to read each of these short stories, and let us know who you think should win $1000 toward travel expenses by filling out the form at the bottom of the page!

Winner will be announced and notified Friday, November 9th!



Joyce from Kimball writes:
My desire is to help bring our son, Jon Albert, and his wife Kathleen and children home from Flagstaff, Arizona to Kimball, MN for Christmas. Jon and Kathleen are Directors of Canyon Ministries, a ministry that provides daily rim tours of the Grand Canyon and River tours from April – September. Prior to accepting the call to this ministry Jon was the Sr. Minister at Kimball Christian Church and before that he was the Bible teacher at St. Cloud Christian School. They have chosen ministry as their way of life and we are so proud of their servant hearts. Between Jon and Kathleen’s involvement in their ministry and the cost of flight for the family, they have been unable to be home for Christmas for many years. They want so much to spend Christmas with family this year. As mom and grandma I would like nothing more than to wake up Christmas morning with my son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren with us.


Dannielle from St. Cloud writes:
My grandson Ryan, Noelle, and my first great grandson Maverick (15 months) reside in Louisana. I have not met my great grandson nor have I seen Ryan or Noelle since April 2017 due to finances and medical challenges my son Scott endured the past two years. Scott bravely battled ALS; he went to heaven on September 2, 2018. Having Ryan, Noelle and Maverick in St. Cloud with the rest of our family for Christmas could possibly make our first Christmas without Scott a blessing.


Toni from Fairbanks, Alaska writes:
I would like to go home for Christmas. My home is in Richmond, Minnesota where all my family lives. I am currently in Fairbanks, Alaska doing missionary work. I will be here until May; leading two youth groups, two Bible studies, a homeless ministry, nursing home ministry, helping a parish with financial/business planning, and seeking to share God’s love with everyone I meet. This will be my first Christmas away from my home and family. I miss my family dearly especially my two nieces and two nephews. In addition, my sister is expecting a baby in November and I would love to be able to see him or her in person and be able to hold him or her as a little baby. Also, this might be my last Christmas with my family, because I desire to enter a convent in August. Once I enter that order, I will not be able to return home for Christmas because it is a Church holiday and we will celebrate Christmas in the convent every year. I would be very grateful for this opportunity to return home and spend quality time with my family!


Kristina from Rice writes:
I would like to bring my little sister, Sarah, home to Minnesota for Christmas. She has been in the Army for almost fifteen years, and we have been able to see her about once a year since her military career began. She will be returning to Georgia this month after a nine month rotation in South Korea. Throughout her Army career, Sarah has had assignments in many different states and countries, including Iraq, Germany and Qatar, among others. Aside from phone calls, letters, modern technology, and prayer, Sarah has been alone. We would like to bring her home for a very special Christmas. My dad was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s two years ago at the age of 62. He is rapidly deteriorating, and it has been devastating to our close-knit family. It has been especially tough on Sarah, because she has only seen dad twice since he was diagnosed. Each time she had seen him, he was progressively worse than the time before. Dad was always very proud of Sarah for serving our country. It is very important to our family that dad see Sarah, and that Sarah see dad before he slips further into his debilitating disease and may not remember her. We would like to make this a very memorable Christmas. There are also many nieces and nephews waiting for Sarah to come home, including a brand new baby, and an eight month old Godson she has not yet met. It would mean so much to Sarah, my dad, and our family if we could bring Her home for Christmas.



Jennifer in Paynesville writes:
The person(s) I want to bring home this Christmas is my oldest daughter, Nicole and her family-including my two grandchildren, Cohen (9 yrs) and Seylah (6 yrs). Their family lives in Utah and they haven’t been home to Minnesota to spend Christmas with us in seven years. So much has changed in our family in those seven years; I have gained five additional grandchildren in that time, all of whom have never been able to share a Christmas with their cousins. Nicole and her family haven’t spent a Christmas with any family, aside from the four of them in that time. Nicole and her husband are the hardest workers and have had the misfortune of an array of medical complications that have challenged their finances. But they are steadfast in their faith and make the most of it each year so far away from the rest of us. To have the chance to have everyone together, Nicole and her family, along with her three siblings and all seven of my grandchildren to spend the most magical and holy of holidays with all of them would be a Christmas miracle.



Julianne from Cold Spring writes:
I would love to have my daughter and her husband and three kids (my only grandkids) come home for Christmas! She moved to Florida in 2006 and got married there and had three kids. They have never been home for Christmas! My three kids were all home for Christmas in 2005 before she moved to Florida. This year they moved to Oregon. That was really hard on me knowing that they didn’t move closer. I have always hoped that they would move closer so I could see them more than once or twice a year! It would be really nice if all the kids and grandkids could be together for Christmas! It really has not been a good year for me, so if I could end the year with having us all be together would be so awesome and wonderful!



Allison in St. Cloud writes:
I would LOVE to send my husband to his family in Florida for the holidays. We have lived in Minnesota for 20 years and he has been away from Florida (with the exception of a few visits) for almost 30 years. Having a busy family of our own and tight finances we have not been able to visit nearly enough. Gary’s mom is getting older and has health issues. He has lost one sister but has 6 other siblings he would love to spend the holidays with. This Christmas Holiday would be especially special because one of his sisters is also celebrating a BIG birthday milestone. My husband is very kind and caring, he is deserving of such a blessing.

Now that you’ve read the stories, who would you like to see be able to go home, or bring their loved ones home, this Holiday season? (One vote per person please. Multiple votes from the same person or email address will be disqualified.)


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