Spirit 92.9 wants to send or bring someone HOME for the Holidays!

So many touching stories were shared this year, we wish we could give them ALL the opportunity to be with their loved ones this Christmas! So, we need your help. 10 of those stories were chosen and you can read them below. Then, please fill out the form at the end to let us know by October 20th who YOU think should receive $1000 toward travel expenses to go HOME for the Holidays!

The winner will be notified and announced on or about October 23rd!

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The Stories

The people I would like to bring home for the holidays are my daughter, Abby, and her 2 children, Rhey-4 years, and Tommy-3 months. Abby’s husband, Tomas, is serving our country in the US Army 82nd Airborne Division and is currently deployed to Afghanistan. Abby and Tomas made the decision for her and the children to stay in North Carolina while he is deployed. That way Abby can take care of their home and Rhey can still go to her pre-school, keeping life somewhat stable during deployment. They do not have any family there and I know the holidays will be especially difficult this year with Tomas gone. I’m very proud of my son-in-law’s service to our country, and my daughter’s perseverance in keeping everything going at home while he’s gone. It would be an amazing blessing to bring them home for the holidays!


ERICA-Howard Lake
My Nana lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and I haven’t seen her in over 15 years! We talk on the phone because she has a plane phobia and we always had bills to pay, jobs to work, or life blew by us so we never got to visit her. She is now 85 years old and survived her 4th hurricane (Irma was the worst). My husband and daughter have never even met her and I want to spend a little time with her before she is taken home to heaven. I would love to surprise her for the holidays with my family!



I would bring home my mother-in-law from Kennewick, WA for the holidays. She has living by herself since her husband passed away in 2015 unexpectedly. This year has been hard because she has been trying to sell her house to move into something smaller and more affordable. She thought she had it sold and then found out a week before she was supposed to move that the deal fell through. That same weekend she had to put her dog that she loved so much down because she got really sick. Just this week her son, my husband was taken to the ER because he was having heart palpitations. When I called her I could hear in her voice how much she wanted to be here with him. Coming home for Christmas to be with family would be the best gift that we could give her!


I am asking to bring my daughter AJ home for Christmas this year. Her and her husband live in North Carolina and are a new military family. Andrew will be deployed leaving in November for 9 months. There journey to this point has kept them apart for over 8 months and were just reunited in the end of August. This Christmas will be so hard for her to be alone and they don’t have the funds for her to travel home to spend it with family. I thank God for the both of them and my prayer is to keep them safe as he deploys to keep our freedom. Please bring my girl home for Christmas so we can wrap our arms around her and give her love as we know her heart will be lonesome for her loving husband.


JEAN-Sauk Rapids
I would love to bring my son, Jeremy and my 14 year old grandson, Alex home (to St. Cloud), for the holidays. They live in Phoenix, AZ, and I haven’t seen either of them since the summer of 2011. It would be wonderful to see them again, even for a short visit. The last time Alex was here, he said he wanted to come back when we had snow, so this would be perfect!


JULIANNE-Cold Spring
My daughter moved to Florida in 2006. I haven’t had a Christmas with all my kids and their husbands and grandchildren all together. That’s a time when family should be together so it’s been really hard for me. It would be super nice to have my grandchildren come and see what it’s like to have snow at Christmas because they don’t ever get snow. They haven’t had a chance to even experience what it’s like to have snow. I haven’t had a Christmas with my kids altogether since 2005 either. Holidays are not the same for me since she moved to Florida. I just wish and pray that it can happen just one time that we can all be together for Christmas.


We would go to OR to see our kids (including 4 granddaughters) who moved there a year ago. My husband has been at the St. Cloud VA Hospital since 10/03/16. We are very close to our kids and miss them very much. Our daughter-in-law has health issues which is why they moved. I will be 70 this year and would like to celebrate with them.




TERRY-St. Cloud
I moved to St. Cloud in 1992. Since then, I haven’t had a single Christmas with all 3 kids and their kids together. I have 2 living in town now, but their brother and his kids are in northern Illinois. It may not seem far, but traveling with 6 kids and his girlfriend is expensive. I’d love to have all my kids here for a holiday! The last time they were all here was when my grandson was born in 2011. Please make it financially possible for all of us to be together for the first Christmas in 25 years!


BOBBIE-Little Falls
I would bring my selfless grandmother to Minnesota. She has yet to experience a winter here and I have not spent a holiday with her in 26 years. She is such an amazing person even though she has many heartbreaks in her life. She not only raised her children but also took custody of her grandchildren so they would not be split up. She is also a breast cancer survivor and a woman I look up to everyday.



DALE-St. Stephen
I have a beautiful daughter named Jessica. She lives in Palasade, Colorado. It has been almost 40 years since we lost touch and I have not seen her. She finally reached out to me and have had a very touching relationship. I have only talked with her on the phone and I pray to the Lord I could see her again. I am 66 yrs old now and on a fixed income so I can’t see her on my own. I prayed to God for all this time and he did answer prayers. We finally made contact…thank you Lord for this long last connection with my daughter…

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