Events in St. Cloud, MN

There is always something to do in St. Cloud, MN. We are fortunate to live in such an incredible community […]

Listen to Children Recite the Pledge of Allegiance on Spirit 92.9

One of the most patriotic things you can do on a regular basis is recite the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s […]

Support Christian Radio in Central Minnesota

Encouragement, comfort, hope, faith and caring have always been our focus. In Central Minnesota, as it is anywhere else, there […]

Experience the Programming Wherever You Are

We’ve often spoken about the benefits of having the programming wherever you are. Whether on your radio, your computer, or […]

Our Christian Family Friendly Radio Promise

If you’ve listened to Spirit 92.9, you have likely heard us talk again and again about how our programming is […]

Using Family-Friendly Radio to Recharge Your Batteries

Are you tired? Do the challenges of life and the energy required for daily living ever leave you feeling drained? […]

Why Free Online Radio Stations Are Sweeping the Nation

Since the beginning of time, humans have worked to develop new technologies and build on past technology to improve our […]

What Does It Mean to be Local, and Why Is It Important?

Local radio could be defined as radio broadcast programming meant for a particular “local” area, as opposed to programming aimed […]

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Request a Free Spirit 92.9 Window Sticker!

Every time you pull your car out of the garage, you’re heading out into the mission field! Every red light, […]

Download the Spirit 92.9 App For Free On Your Apple or Android Device

You may often overhear or be a part of the discussion about whether Apple or Android is the best. Whether […]

The Difference between Free Online Radio Stations and Podcasting

The ability to listen to your positive and encouraging Spirit 92.9 online is a phenomenal option that provides exceptional benefits. […]

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Christian Radio Stations Online: Reaching Out To Everyone

At Spirit 92.9, our mission has always been to provide the positive and uplifting programming for people of all sorts […]

KKJM Turns 20 | From Windows 95 to Internet Radio: Remembering 1995

2015 marks the 20-year anniversary of KKJM 92.9. It was 1995 when the station first hit the airwaves, but it […]

Our Mobile App Is Available and Full Of Great Features!

People are on the go more than ever before, and the technology we use daily has allowed us to benefit […]

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Your Positive and Encouraging Free Online Radio Station

There are not many things that are really free. Fortunately, listening online to family-friendly Spirit 92.9 is one of those […]

Music for Everyone, Even Online!

Here at Spirit 92.9, we have always worked hard to provide positive and uplifting music to individuals and families throughout […]