Music for Everyone, Even Online!

Here at Spirit 92.9, we have always worked hard to provide positive and uplifting music to individuals and families throughout Central Minnesota. However, there is more to our method than just that. We know that great music is great, whether it is being heard for the first time or is a well-known favorite. We play a range of music including those songs you love, and carefully interweave them with the latest and most popular new ones. Either way, you can count on is music that is always family-friendly and encouraging from the top Christian artists. Our playlists ensure that regardless of your personal denomination, when listening to Spirit, you are warmly welcomed. We are so thankful you listen to Spirit, and we strive to listen to you as well. Our Music Advisory Team is a great way to give your input on our playlist. Best of all, whether in your car or on your computer, Spirit will be there playing those songs that make a positive difference in your life!

Our Family-Friendly Promise

It does not take long for one to cruise through the stations before that song comes on that makes you uncomfortable. We understand the importance of ensuring that our music is great for all ages. In fact, it is our promise. We guarantee you that the music we play won’t leave you scrambling to turn it off before it becomes offensive. No embarrassing or inappropriate lyrics are sent over our airwaves. We carefully select the songs we play and review them to ensure that whoever may be listening, they can fully enjoy them without concern.

Denominationally Friendly

Being a station that plays contemporary Christian music, we are often asked if we cater to an individual denomination. Our goal has always been to present the love of Christ through the music we play, to those a part of any denomination. Our music does not discriminate, and whatever your theology and beliefs may be, you can visit us for that positive message of hope and encouragement. Listeners of many different denominations have shared with us how that one song at just the right time so deeply touched them. This is so encouraging for ourselves, to ensure our music reaches and embraces people of all faiths. Also, even those who do not consider themselves “Christian” can still fully take advantage of our family-friendly and positive message.

Personal Taste Friendly

Furthermore, we understand that different people have different musical tastes. This is why radio stations often choose an individual format. Some enjoy more upbeat and faster-moving songs while others prefer a softer sound. At Spirit, we join a variety of musical stylings to suit anyone. Just like other genres, contemporary Christian artists create music in many different styles. We want to ensure that anyone listening will resonate with the songs we play and the artists we feature.

Family-Friendly Spirit 92.9

Spirit 92.9 is dedicated to being your source for family-friendly radio programming in St. Cloud and throughout Central Minnesota. Our message is hope and encouragement, and we strive to be both positive and uplifting to all our listeners. We invite you to contact us for more information, song, and prayer requests, to offer your support for this ministry, or for any other reason. Call our studio line at (320) 257-0929 or office at (320) 251-1780. You can also email us at, or visit our Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter page. We are positive and encouraging, Spirit 92.9!

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