Here are answers to some of your Frequently Asked Questions about music on Spirit 92.9!


  • How Do You Choose The Music You Play?

    Great question! At Spirit 92.9, we really do our best to play the best mix of music-including your older favorites and the freshest new hit songs. We are careful to balance your favorite songs you know all the words to and love to sing along with, with the new music you desire. All music is determined based on National Ratings in addition to YOUR ratings as part of our Music Advisory Team!

    We are an Adult Contemporary Christian Music station, which means we base our music playlist off of the National charts for this particular format. These charts have tested new and older songs among thousands of AC radio listeners, and that helps us know what people who listen to this kind of music most enjoy. And now we also take into account what YOU think when you complete the music surveys you receive as a Music Advisory Team member! If a new song is testing highly and it has a sound consistent with what our listeners have told us they like, then we add it!

  • Why do you play the same song multiple times a day?

    You may hear a song multiple times per day because it is a high rating song at the time. That means the majority of listeners who rated it told us they love it and want to hear it often!


  • Why don’t you play multiple songs off an artist or band’s new CD?

    The artist and their record company actually choose which songs they release for radio air play and when. When they put out a new album, we are not authorized to pick which songs go on the air. Generally, they release them one at a time and we are only allowed to play the song they have chosen to release as a single. As new songs are released for air play, decisions on whether or not to add them into rotation are based on national and local ratings, and whether they fit the feel and sound of Spirit 92.9.


  • Do you play music from new or local artists?

    We believe our listeners deserve high quality music, so in general we only play music by artists working with a reputable national recording label and whose music has been included in research and the results reflect well with listeners to our format. This helps ensure a consistent and quality sound at all times.


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