Spirit 92.9 presents the 12 Ways of Christmas!

Ideas to share the spirit of the season in small, but meaningful ways:

1. The best gifts are the ones that are needed the most. Many people need the essentials: socks and undergarments. Bring some to an elementary school, a homeless or youth shelter.

2. Going out to eat? Servers are overworked, exhausted and in need of encouragement. Leave a generous tip for them the next time you dine out!

3. Surprise your neighbor or a coworker with warm wishes. Gift them a set of mugs and hot cocoa!

4. Treat our local law enforcement and emergency service workers to some Christmas goodies! Stop by the store, buy some Christmas sweet treats, and drop them off with a thank you note!

5. Delivery workers are rushing around during the holiday season, making sure your packages arrive in time for Christmas! On your front porch, create a Delivery Driver Basket! Fill it with goodies: water, snacks, hand warmers, and write a note thanking them for their hard work!

6. Start a trend! When rushing through the drive through line, pay for the person behind you. They might just do the same thing for the person behind them!

7. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear! Bless residents in a nursing home with some Christmas carols and cookies!

8. Every kid looks forward to Christmas gifts... help make their wish come true! Donate to Toys for Tots, Kids Hope Shop or the Salvation Army and bring a child in need some Christmas joy!

9. Do you know a single parent? Wanna give them a Christmas miracle? Offer to watch their kids while they go Christmas shopping or give them a gift card!

10. Serving others is a calling from Christ, and so many people do it so well. Often, these people do not get a thank you. Be the change! This Christmas, send your pastor, your child’s teacher, or a ministry near to your heart a card and poinsettia as a Christmas thank you!

11. Bless someone at the grocery store! Buy a gift card, leave it with the cashier and have them give it to the next person in line!

12. Do you know someone new to town? Or someone who’s having a rough holiday season? Give them the gift of quality time this Christmas. Invite them out to coffee or dinner!

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