4 Ways To Get Your Kids Excited And Involved In Sunday Service

If your kids are anything like ours, they occasionally (or often) drag their feet about going to Sunday service. They say they’d rather stay home and play or watch TV sometimes, instead of gathering with our community to learn about God.

Keeping a child’s interest and excitement up about Sunday service and faith formation is all about consistency and intentionality. You as parents set the tone for your family’s culture, so try these 4 tips to build such a culture.

4 Ways To Get Your Kids Excited And Involved In Sunday Service


1. Set The Example

Your job as a parent is to set the example for your kids, and that includes being genuinely excited about Sunday service and sharing that with your children. They will follow your lead, and in this way you can encourage them to keep an open heart to what they learn and be excited about it.

2. Ask For Take-Home Resources

Many churches have additional curriculum, like take-home sheets. Ask for these; you may even be the first person to ever bring it up, and can help design the curriculum to help other families. It may be tempting to put the sheet or other resource on the counter and forget about it, but really utilize it. It will help your child realize learning about God is a life-long and everyday pursuit, not just for Sundays.

Also, try to relate the main topic of Sunday’s service to your child’s life. When kids can understand how a lesson can relate to their life, they are more likely to remember it. If the lesson was about Jesus treating the poor or sinners with kindness, ask if they have acted or seen others act in a similar way, and how it made the people feel.

3. Cultivate Relationships In The Church Community

Sometimes, you may not go to Sunday service in an area where you live, work or go to school, so your kids may not know anyone. Take the initiative and introduce yourself to other families, plan play dates, sit near each other during the service. It’s beneficial for both the you, the kids and the community as a whole when families connect.

4. Involve Yourself In Children’s Ministry When Possible

This isn’t possible for everyone, but if you can, volunteer to be part of the kids ministry team if one exists. If your kids see you volunteering your time to help support a ministry which is all about them, they will see more value in it.

We hope this helps, and listen to Spirit 92.9 everyday for the encouragement you need!