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Spirit 92.9 is a contemporary Christian music radio station serving St. Cloud and all of Central Minnesota. The uplifting lyrics of the music played on Spirit 92.9 are designed to encourage you and provide hope in the hard times, and strengthen your family and community by offering a reminder that life is a gift and every one is created for a purpose. Spirit 92.9 offers a positive entertainment alternative for your entire family!


To inspire you in your faith by offering hope and encouragement through every song and conversation.


To reach as many people as possible with the Good News of Jesus Christ, and help them connect to God.


Playing uplifting music, sharing life through encouraging conversations, supporting strong families, and promoting what is positive in our culture and community.

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    23 Jun, 2024

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“I was going through a difficult divorce when I discovered Spirit 92.9, and it encouraged me and lifted me up when I really needed it! Now, God seems to send people my way that are going through the same thing and I encourage them to listen and be lifted up.”

“Listening to Spirit 92.9 helps me stay focused on what really matters. When life gets busy or hard I can start thinking negatively or feeling alone, but the songs and stories remind me that’s not true, that God is always with me.”


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