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Who we are

The positive lyrics of the music played on Spirit 92.9 encourage listeners, provide hope in the hard times, and helps strengthen families and our community by offering a reminder that life is a gift and everyone is created for a purpose.  Through the music, fun promotions and friendly conversations, Spirit 92.9 offers a positive entertainment alternative for the entire family.

Our Listeners

Who listens?  Our typical listener is interested in balancing work, family and living their faith.  Our listeners value family and their community and want to live lives with meaning and purpose.  In fact, many listeners think of Spirit 92.9 as 'their' radio station!  Listeners consider our advertisers to be trustworthy, simply by virtue of associating/aligning with us.  Thus, advertising on Spirit 92.9 is an automatic endorsement, putting you a step ahead before your message is even heard, AND they are decision makers!!

Christian contemporary radio audience:

  • 72% of Spirit 92.9 audience is between the ages of 25-54 and 73.4% of those listeners are female. (2016 Finney Media “Why Listen Station Report-KKJM”)
  • 71.8% of Christian Radio listeners prefer to buy from a business that advertises on Christian Radio. In addition, 62% of these listeners will go out of their way to do business with advertisers on Christian Radio. (Simmons Market Research)
  • 57% of the Christian Radio audience believes that ads on Christian Radio show a truer picture of the product being advertised. (Soma Communications)

Impacting Central Minnesota

Our listeners make central Minnesota a better place to live, work and play.  Spirit 92.9 has partnered with many community groups to feed the hungry and clothe the homeless.  The team has been recognized for the following:

  • 2018 Station of the Year - Christian Music Broadcasters Association
  • 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2016 Finalist for Religious Station of the Year – Marconi Radio Awards presented by National Association of Broadcaster’s for excellence in radio.

On-Air Advertising Opportunities

Spirit 92.9 offers a variety of on-air advertising opportunities to fit your business model, including:

  • Sponsorships – news, weather, programs, features, morning show, afternoon show, events, day, music survey team, listen live, and family event bus.
  • 30 sec advertisements – customizable
  • Promotions – customized to your business
  • Special Event Promotions
  • Event marketing – Concerts, Trade shows, Guest Speakers
  • Recruitment
  • Shop n' Save-offering discounted certificates for your business, earn ad credit.
  • Digital – website banners, Pre-roll Listen Live, Mobile App, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Digital Video Production, Digital Ad Management, and Web Development.

Let us help you tell your story, tell it well and tell it often!

Making your business more successful is one phone call or email away.
Call Kelly Corbett, Director of Sales & Development, at 320-251-1780 or email at


Whether your business is local or national, you will find our rates attractive and our listening audience dedicated to businesses that advertise on Spirit 92.9. We have a Creative team who will work with you to produce an effective message.  Their expertise means success for your business.  Finally, our listeners are encouraged to support the advertisers that they hear on Spirit 92.9!


  • Teri

    I’m so thankful for this radio station. When I was doubting God really cared about me, he used it to bring me back to a relationship with him and with other Christians at church.

  • Bob

    I am a recovering alcoholic. Sometimes in the middle of the night when I’m struggling to stay sober, I go out to my truck and listen to Spirit 92.9 and every time there’s a song to remind me that with God’s strength, I can do it.

  • Jim, General ManagerMongo’s Grill, St. Cloud MN

    “One of the things I really like about working with Spirit is that they’re in for the best interests of us; they want us to be successful, ‘cause without us being successful, they can’t be successful themselves. That’s what I like about working with them: very creative, genuine, personable, and they’re in the best interest for Mongo’s.”

  • “What I’ve found is Spirit 92.9/Gabriel Media is really priced competitively in comparison to other local radio stations.”

  • "One of which is the great customer service My overall satisfaction with Spirit is a 10. By far one of the easiest advertisers that I work with…as far as communication, just always on the spot, and up front with what they’re looking for and what I’m looking for. …I also enjoy being able to support Christian radio…my way of helping give back to the community."

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