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It’s Our Goal To Sponsor Every Day of the Year!

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Our Day Sponsors receive a message once per hour on the day of their choosing. What day would you commemorate? An anniversary, birthday or special person?


Here are just a couple messages from this past year…

Jodi honors her husband on their Anniversary, June 24th…
“Today is our anniversary.  I would like to thank my husband for 14 wonderful years of marriage and friendship.  I respect him for remaining faithful in a world that does not encourage this.  I appreciate how he makes our marriage a priority.  Honey, I look forward to many more years together, I love you!”

Teri celebrates a fresh start on July 15th…
"Spirit 92.9 witnessed God’s love to me when I needed it most.  A year ago I was struggling through recovery and searching for the Lord.  I was driving and listening to the radio when I heard the song “I Am With You.” At that moment I knew that even when I messed everything up, God loves me and will be there through it all.  Today I am one year sober and experiencing God’s love every day.”

The Cox Family honors their daughter’s birthday on July 22nd…
“This day is given to honor the Lord’s faithfulness.  We thank the Lord for giving us four wonderful children. Lisa is our oldest and today we celebrate her 11th birthday.  Lisa is an avid reader, piano player, a creative writer and designer who loves to tease her siblings.  God has given Lisa a deeply compassionate and loving heart.  We praise the Lord for the privilege of raising her as we watch her become a young woman of God.”

We couldn’t do it without out you! Thank you so much for your support!!!!

Effective June 1st, 2019, Day Sponsor messages may only be used for personal use and may not be sponsored by or given to a business, organization, church, ministry, or non-profit. To inquire about advertising your school, business, organization, ministry or church, please call Deb at 320-251-1780

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