Spirit 92.9 Difference Makers represent local businesses and individuals who believe in our mission of connecting people to God through Christ-centered music, conversation, and serving others.

These partners come alongside our ministry and show God’s love to our community through their generosity.

Their support helps increase the number of people who are impacted through your radio station, one life at a time.


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"I DoorDash every day, all day long, and I listen to your station. It's like going to church everyday. It encourages me, and it keeps me sober. The other night, my boyfriend went DoorDashing with me, and I saw him crying listening to the music. Not only did God heal me, but I think He's working on my boyfriend, too. Your station is very important. Other people need to know that there is a God and He does do miracles. He does heal people from addiction. It's only through God that can be relieved." - Sara

"I am senior in high school and have my struggles. I have been bullied and teased, even by people I thought were my friends. And I have made some bad decisions in the effort to stop the bullying or while trying to fit in. My bad decisions only made fitting in harder. There have been times I've wanted it all to end. Two things that help me keep going are sports and God. There are times I want the world to go away, and having Spirit 92.9 keeps me going. It is a 24/7 connection to God and reminds me God is always with me." - Jake

“One song in particular called ‘Just Be Held’ by Casting Crowns sparked something within me every time I heard the line, ‘Your world’s not falling apart, it’s falling into place.’ We found out that our youngest daughter, Olivia, had brain cancer when she was four months old. This has been the hardest and most devastating thing our family has ever been through, but we have felt God walking alongside us throughout this entire journey. When we are handed something hard, it’s easy to feel like life is falling apart. But in reality, it’s God’s way of changing us into the people He created us to be. I want to thank you for listening and supporting this radio station because it is changing lives. It has changed mine.” - Sheena

A special thank you to our Spirit 92.9 Difference Makers!


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