Welcome To Spirit 92.9!

Spirit 92.9 is a Contemporary Christian radio station serving the St. Cloud area and all of Central Minnesota.

The uplifting lyrics of the music played on Spirit 92.9 are designed to encourage you and provide hope in the hard times, while strengthening your family and community by offering a reminder that life is a gift and everyone is created for a purpose. Through music, fun promotions and words of hope, Spirit 92.9 offers a positive entertainment alternative for your entire family.

Volunteer Opportunities

Want to be a part of making great concerts & events possible in our community?
Or help take pledge calls during Fundraisers?

Sign up to be a Spirit 92.9 volunteer! When needs arise, we’ll reach out to see if you’re available.

Contact & Location Information

Studio line: 320-257-0929        Fax number: 320-257-1624
Office Line: 320-251-1780        Email: friends@gabrielmedia.info

Answers To Your Questions

If you ever hear a song, but don’t catch the name or artist, you can easily look it up on the home page of our website or on the app. Or, if you’re in your car, try us on the studio line at 320-257-0929.
We’re really thankful for our business supporters (who you hear on the commercials) as they help with much of the everyday expense of running a radio station (mortgage, lights, etc.!) Because of our Family Friendly promise, we do have to turn away a number of potential advertising dollars because the business or content doesn’t meet the standards of that promise. Sharathon (our on-air fundraiser) is where listeners like you give to fill the gap and provide the financial need for Spirit 92.9 to stay on the air. Since we began doing fundraisers in 2004, our audience size has nearly tripled, we’re able to bring in national concert events to St. Cloud and we’re more active in the community than ever! Thanks to the financial support of friends like you!
At Spirit 92.9 we’re doing our best to play the right mix of music for your family — including old favorites and the fresh new ones. We take each new release (the record labels determine which songs to put out from each new CD and in what order) into serious consideration and evaluate its message, tone and quality. We also consider what Christian music listeners are feeling in our music surveys and national testing results. We do our best to choose music that will be uplifting for your family!
We’d be happy to! When you submit your event it’ll be included on our online event calendar. The DJ’s will also choose events from the calendar to highlight on their shows throughout the week!
SURE!! We LOVE that!! To schedule a visit, please e-mail jessica@spirit929.com. We’d love to host your scout group, church group, club, classroom or family! We have pre-scheduled days in the summer and winter for tours.


  • Teri

    I’m so thankful for this radio station. When I was doubting God really cared about me, he used it to bring me back to a relationship with him and with other Christians at church.

  • Bob

    I am a recovering alcoholic. Sometimes in the middle of the night when I’m struggling to stay sober, I go out to my truck and listen to Spirit 92.9 and every time there’s a song to remind me that with God’s strength, I can do it.

  • Jim, General ManagerMongo’s Grill, St. Cloud MN

    “One of the things I really like about working with Spirit is that they’re in for the best interests of us; they want us to be successful, ‘cause without us being successful, they can’t be successful themselves. That’s what I like about working with them: very creative, genuine, personable, and they’re in the best interest for Mongo’s.”

  • “What I’ve found is Spirit 92.9/Gabriel Media is really priced competitively in comparison to other local radio stations.”

  • "One of which is the great customer service My overall satisfaction with Spirit is a 10. By far one of the easiest advertisers that I work with…as far as communication, just always on the spot, and up front with what they’re looking for and what I’m looking for. …I also enjoy being able to support Christian radio…my way of helping give back to the community."

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