Listen to Children Recite the Pledge of Allegiance on Spirit 92.9

One of the most patriotic things you can do on a regular basis is recite the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s a way of showing that you believe in the United States and that you will stand with your fellow Americans against threats to it. It’s also a way of affirming to yourself and others that you believe in the principles that the country was founded upon: the idea that liberty and justice are for all, not only a select few people.

While a person can say the Pledge of Allegiance any time they want, it’s very rare for someone to recite the pledge on their own. Instead, it is generally done in a group setting, and it’s usually said while facing the flag. Here are a few times we say the Pledge of Allegiance:

  • Some schools start the day with a student-led recital of the pledge.
  • It’s said before many government meetings or events begin.
  • Before many military ceremonies and events.
  • It may be said before any public gathering or ceremony.

Why Say It

While it does show that you believe in the United States and in what it stands for, the pledge is more than that. It’s a way of bringing all Americans together and united them. It gives us something to rally around, in addition to the flag, especially since there may be places where there is no flag, such as in a battle area. In that case, reciting the pledge together may give soldiers a sense of belonging and help make them feel more like a team.

Saying the pledge is also a way of showing respect for those who fought for our rights and who still fight for liberty and justice for all in other countries. It honors these soldiers and others who put their lives on the line or who have lost their lives fighting for the principles that the country stands for.

When children say the pledge in school, it gives teachers a chance to talk to them about honoring veterans and about serving their country when they get older. It can lead to a discussion about being in the military, about going into politics, or about working in a government office. It can even lead to talking about volunteering or about the history of the United States.

Some people, of course, simply say the pledge because it is tradition. There’s nothing wrong with that; in fact, some people say the pledge because it’s expected, and they don’t actually know much about its history or the meaning behind it. No matter why you say the pledge, the fact that you do shows that you love your country.

Reciting the Pledge Daily

If you want to join in a daily recital of the Pledge of Allegiance, one way to do so is to listen to Spirit 92.9. Children recite the Pledge of Allegiance on the radio daily, and once you find the standard time that it’s done, you can tune in and recite the pledge along with the children and thousands of others across the country.