When it comes to marketing, every business owner wants the most bang for their buck. Radio advertising is no different. However, what many businesses may be missing is the fabulous value and persuasive message provided by family-friendly radio. Some may say that family-friendly radio reaches fewer people than top-40. Other people may mistakenly believe that the programming is syndicated catering to national sponsors. In reality, family-friendly radio provides an opportunity like no other in radio advertising for many reasons. At Spirit 92.9, we love speaking with local businesses to share with them the many significant benefits that come when they partner with us for their radio advertising.

Family-Friendly Radio Is Popular

If you listen to the station for a short time, you will likely hear us say “positive and encouraging”. Those two words are a great way to sum up the music we play and the people you hear on our airwaves. Spirit 92.9 provides a place where moms will not be embarrassed by the songs their children hear. People from all ages and situations in life will find encouragement through our message of hope. In a culture where there is so much of the negative bombarding us every day, people love tuning into our station for something different. They desire to feel that hope and encouragement and feel the warmth of our on-air team. More and more listeners are turning to family-friendly radio each day.

Our Listeners Are Loyal

We may not need a study to tell us how loyal our listeners are. However, a Simmons national consumer study showed that 71.8% of listeners to our format prefer to purchase from a business advertising on that format. Because Spirit 92.9 is a non-profit radio station, our listeners know that the companies who advertise with us support their station. That is why we call our advertisers “business supporters”. By supporting us, the large majority of our loyal and long-time listener base will support you right back. Moreover, you can rest assured that your business will be advertising back-to-back with other family-friendly advertisers as well. It is an opportunity to show the community your support of our mission and the values we stand by.

Family-Friendly Spirit 92.9

Spirit 92.9 is dedicated to being your source for family-friendly radio programming in St. Cloud and throughout Central Minnesota. Our message is hope and encouragement, and we strive to be both positive and uplifting to all our listeners. If you are considering radio marketing, we invite you to contact us for more information and find out why family-friendly radio is the best opportunity to market your brand and increase your awareness for the very best value. Call our office at (320) 251-1780, or email us at friends@gabrielmedia.info. We are positive and encouraging, Spirit 92.9!

Can you advertise my church or organization’s event for free?

Every week, Spirit 92.9 has numerous requests for Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) from worthy non-profit organizations, churches and governmental agencies.  There are so many groups requesting time that if we accommodated everyone, we wouldn’t have time to play any Positive Hit Music! As an alternative, we offer a Community Event’s Calendar on our website, and our air staff will often direct listeners there to learn about upcoming events and fundraisers. You can post your event for FREE here.