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Jess Hart | Program Director + Morning Show Host

Jess is a Central Minnesota girl at heart, having grown up in Sartell and St. Cloud. As a mom to 3 grown kids and a 6 year old, as well as a Mimi to 2 precious little girls, and a cat mom, life is always an adventure. Jess wears lots of hats here, serving as the Program & Music Director for Spirit 92.9, which means she works with the team here and with record labels to ensure everything you hear meets your expectations and our family friendly promise. She also hosts the morning show each weekday.

Jess has been a part of the Spirit team since 2008. Fun fact: Jess won the Spirit 92.9 ‘Biggest Gainer’ contest back in 2007, a whole health & wellness challenge. When a job opening became available to help at events, she was encouraged to apply, and that’s how her journey here began!

In her spare time (what little there is as a busy working mom!), Jess enjoys marathons…(Netflix marathons that is), day trips around our beautiful state, traveling a little farther to explore other places (especially the beach!), making fun memories with her kids, and spending time with friends.

Email: jessica@gabrielmedia.info

Josh Svendsen | Creative Services Director + Morning Show Host

Josh is the Creative Services Director and Morning Show co-host at Spirit 92.9. He studied Electronic Media Communication/Radio Broadcasting in college, but his career in radio arguably began at the tender age of 8, when Josh and his older brothers hosted a “radio show” in their bunk beds before falling asleep, complete with used-paper towel-roll “microphones.”

In his spare time, Josh enjoys playing and watching sports (Go Pack Go!), reading, dabbling with various musical instruments and eating as many peanut butter cups as possible. Josh is blessed to have a job where he can use his God-given creativity to engage and connect with listeners.

Email: josh@gabrielmedia.info

Melony McKaye | Midday Show Host

I was born and raised in Fargo, ND. Originally interested in meteorology, I got hooked on radio when I started at my college radio station at North Dakota State University. My dad used to be amazed how I found a way to make a career using my “gift of gab.”

Out of college, I landed in St. Cloud at Hilger Broadcasting where I programmed KMXK, then Oldies 94.9. After many years of praying for the chance to move into Christian radio, Andy Hilger announced he was flipped KKJM to the CCM format. I immediately asked if he needed a Program Director. I was so thrilled when he said YES and Spirit 92.9 was born! As with radio, I began my journey of faith in college. That was when I first realized my need of a savior and gave my life to Jesus. After spending time in Palm Springs, Ca, Orlando, Fl and Kansas City, it is a joy to be back on the air in Central Minnesota.

I am a single mother of 3, all were born within 4 years! Life has felt like a whirlwind. I never imagined being a solo parent, but it has afforded me a front row seat to experience God’s faithfulness in ways I could never have imagined. As we grow, we quickly realize that life is not always up and to the right like we may have imagined in our teen and young adult years. But through every twist and turn we can KNOW we are not alone and we ARE loved. I am passionate about sharing God’s love and mercy and grace and peace and strength and humbled to do it together each midday on Spirit 92.9.

Email: melony@gabrielmedia.info

Rachel Rinehart | Assistant Program Director + Afternoon Show Host

Rachel is originally from Ohio and feels so blessed to be in Minnesota! Her parents have been in radio since before she was born, so she's been around a microphone since birth. Rachel was first on the air when she was 1. Her mom used her laugh in a commercial! She started her own radio show when she was 10, called "Kids Playlist", and continued that up until her senior year of high school.
She graduated from Mount Vernon Nazarene University with a double major in Journalism & Media Production and Theatre. She loves to not only be behind a microphone, but also up on a stage. You'll often find her singing along to the music on Spirit 92.9! You can hear Rachel in the afternoons from 3-7, and she assists Jess with whatever she needs.
In her free time, Rachel loves to discover new music, watch movies and TV shows, read, try new food, and laugh with friends as much as possible. Rachel's favorite color is pink, she'll drink iced coffee year-round, and she loves anything with chocolate.
She feels so blessed to be part of a ministry sharing the most important news: that God's love is for everyone!
Email: rachel@gabrielmedia.info

David Michael | Evening Show Host

David keeps you company evenings from 7-11 during the week, and Sundays 3-7. As a father to 3 boys, he has plenty of funny and heartwarming stories to share and is pretty good at Minecraft. His home is never short of pizza, Pop-Tarts, and popcorn. David and his boys also have two cats, Apple and George, who are big fans of eating and playing, so they fit right into the household.

When not sharing life at Spirit, David works in law enforcement - so make sure you're always wearing your seatbelt when listening to Spirit in the car! As a law enforcement officer, David has a passion for mental wellness and leads trainings for other police officers, teaching them techniques for mental health crisis response.

David wears a bracelet of a Japanese proverb that reads: "Fall down seven times, stand up eight." It's a reminder both of resilience in the hardest moments of life and that Jesus will always be there to pick you up - no matter how many times you fall down.
Email: david@gabrielmedia.info


Kelly Corbett | Director of Sales & Development

Kelly is responsible for building the development plan and helping to implement it for both stations, building donor relationships and enhancing the donor experience.

For fun, Kelly enjoys watching her kids in their respective sports/activities and loves to read! True human connection and meaningful conversation make Kelly’s heart sing, and she is passionate about helping others achieve THEIR goals. Kelly is so grateful for the way God is guiding her in becoming her best self, including bringing her to this job…to do this work…with this incredible group of people.

Email: kelly@gabrielmedia.info

Sheri Moran | Connections, Events, and Promotions

Sheri takes care of behind the scenes details for events and sponsorships, and leads the prayer team for both of our stations. She started on the Spirit 92.9 sales team in the fall of 2007 because she couldn’t imagine a better dream job than working for the radio station that her kids were being raised on!

She loves connecting with people, so working with our volunteers is a great fit, as well as reaching out in thanks to our ministry partners.

Email: sheri@gabrielmedia.info

Denise Gill | Donor Relations

Denise won’t readily admit it, but she handles a variety of responsibilities and is an integral part of the team, including but not limited to, answers phone calls and works with the Shop N Save. She has been with the company since 2011, but in radio since 1997.

Denise graduated from St. Cloud State University with a BA Degree, and in her spare time enjoys all things sports…especially the Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Twins. She likes spending time with her husband, Joe, and two kids. Denise enjoys hearing people’s stories of how they found Spirit 92.9 and is blessed to be a part of such a wonderful company.

Email: denise@gabrielmedia.info


Stacy King | Account Manager

Stacy is not only sells radio advertising but also handles our Birthday Dessert Ministry! Having held other sales and radio positions in the past, Stacy brings both experience and warmth to all of her interactions. In her spare time, Stacy truly enjoys adventures with her two beautiful daughters. Whether that be in the backyard, camping, or a surprise road trip, they try to fill each moment with wonderful memories, laughter and fun.

She loves that she gets to wake up each day working for a company that supports her praising Jesus at work, at home and in the car. Stacy appreciates that she doesn’t have to hide her love of the Lord, rather is encouraged to embrace it, growing both personally and professionally.

Email: stacy@gabrielmedia.info

Dustin Guggenberger | Marketing Consultant

Dustin has held other sales positions prior, but what he loves about working here is being able to talk about his faith openly in the marketplace. He finds great purpose hearing all the stories from listeners and the impact the station makes by helping people connect to God.

He enjoys working for Spirit 92.9 because it has felt like family to him since day one. In his free time, he likes spending time with his wife and two boys as well as being outside, whether that means going to the lake, playing sports, or just sitting outside taking in the sunshine.

Email: dustin@gabrielmedia.info


Deb Huschle | General Manager

Deb oversees all things within Gabriel Media…even the changing of the toilet paper in the bathrooms! Deb started in radio broadcasting in 1991 and has been the General Manager at Gabriel Media since 2005. In her free time, Deb enjoys working out, reading, helping and serving her Parish in Eden Valley, and spending time with her family.

Deb values her roles as a wife, mother, and grandmother. Her motto is: Faith, Family and Fun…and in THAT order! Deb is passionate about ensuring that all those who are connected to Spirit 92.9 whether a listener, customer, client, or employee, have the best experience possible! Deb is driven by ensuring that everything we do here is for the glory of God, and that in all we do we are proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Email: deb@gabrielmedia.info

Wendy Skluzacek | Accounting + Office Manager

Wendy doesn’t like titles so when you ask her what she does at Gabriel Media her response will be “anything but go in the studio!” She believes everyone has been given different gifts and talents from God, and when we put all our gifts and talents to work for His glory the world is an amazing place.

Wendy has been working here since 2009 and says from Day 1 when walking into the front door it’s been like walking into home rather than work. In her spare time, you’ll see her enjoying time with her family, working with the youth at church, or volunteering in some capacity. As Eeyore would say, “A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference.”

Email: wendy@gabrielmedia.info

Jasmine Washington | Digital Director

Jasmine handles many things in the digital realm including the website, app, social media accounts, and graphic design projects. She finds it a humbling opportunity to be honoring God and spreading the message of His hope and love through working here!

Outside the office, you can find Jasmine spending time with those she loves dearly: her husband, family, friends, and church community.

Email: jasmine@gabrielmedia.info

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