Join Josh & Jess weekday  mornings  from  6a-10a  on  Spirit  92.9!   It’s  all about  sharing  stories  and  life  in  central Minnesota  along  with  music  to  start your  day  on  a  positive  note!  


Meet Jess & Josh


Jess is a Central Minnesota girl at heart, having grown up in Sartell and St. Cloud. As a mom to 4 children and one 4 year old lab, life is always an adventure. Jess serves as the Program & Music Director for Spirit 92.9, which means she works with the team here at Spirit and with record labels to ensure everything you hear meets your expectations and our family friendly promise. She has been a part of the Spirit team since 2008. In her spare time, Jess enjoys marathons…(Netflix marathons that is), day trips to enjoy our beautiful state, traveling a little farther to explore other states, making memories with her kids, and spending time with friends.




josh Josh  

Josh is originally from Rice Lake, Wisconsin. He’s the 3rd of NINE kids (along with a plethora of pets), so things were a bit noisy growing up. Yeah, he’s a Packers’ fan, but still enjoys the beautiful state of Minnesota, and is learning to get along with people who wear purple 😉

His dad’s a pastor, so he made sure the kids were active in things like public speaking, interpretive reading, and drama, which pretty naturally led to a degree in Electronic Media and Radio Broadcasting from the University of Northwestern, St. Paul. Josh joined the Spirit 92.9 family in early 2013 and in addition to co-hosting the morning show, also creates most of the commercials you hear. Fun fact: his older brother and one of his cousins are also in radio! Josh also enjoys sports, music, reading, and night walks.




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