Help share music with a message of hope in central Minnesota!

Most popular giving levels:

Hope Hero - $40/month or more

Day Sponsor - $60/month

Hope Heroes giving $40/month or more will receive a Hope Wins shirt. The next round of shirts will be ordered at the end of June.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your pledge of support will be dedicated to reaching even more families in Central Minnesota with the love of Christ through the positive message of Spirit 92.9.
Yes. Spirit 92.9 (Gabriel Media) is now a 501(C)3 charitable organization. As such, contributions and support are tax deductible.

"Why I Give"

Tracy St. Cloud

“I give to Spirit because I’ve received so much and want to give back.  I believe in the power of music and know that the only way some people will hear God’s word is through the song lyrics played on Spirit 92.9. It is  awesome to have a station the whole family can agree on and know that in the process, we are soaking in God’s  word.”

Wendy Hutchinson

“I give to Spirit 92.9 because it blesses central Minnesota by spreading the word of God in so many ways.  The station promotes faith & family and I love being able to say I helped make that happen.  Plus the concerts and events they sponsor are the best and you don’t have to brave the traffic in the twin cities!!!"

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