If you’re new to Spirit 92.9, we invite you to commit to listening to Spirit 92.9 for the month of January! 

On Day 1, you may find yourself feeling a little less stressed out. Day 7-a little more patient with other drivers. By Day 21, you might notice you’re smiling a little more! And by Day 30-singing along with your new favorite song on Spirit 92.9! And on Day 31-we hope you’ll set a button for your new favorite radio station on your dial!

STEP 1: Sign up to let us know you’re taking the Spirit 92.9 Challenge below!
STEP 2: Listen to Spirit 92.9 in your car, at home, at work, or online wherever you go for 30 days.
STEP 3: Complete the Email Survey you receive after 30 days to receive a FREE GIFT to say
“Thanks”  for for taking the challenge! (New listeners only please!)


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