The Difference between Free Online Radio Stations and Podcasting

The ability to listen to your positive and encouraging Spirit 92.9 online is a phenomenal option that provides exceptional benefits. Best of all, it is completely free. So, how are free online radio stations different from podcasting and other types of online programming? We will take a brief look at some of these popular digital programming options and how they differ from one another.

Free Online Radio Stations

When you listen live to Spirit 92.9 over the internet, you are listening to what is called a webcast. Because the music is not delivered over the airwaves, it differs from listening on a traditional radio. Also, when you listen to Spirit 92.9 online, you are hearing the same songs, radio personalities, and business partners that you would hear if you were listening to your car radio. Webcasting also differs from what is called streaming media. While it is true, we are providing a continuous stream of programming to you, it is a live stream. The term streaming media typically applies to a stream that you can pause or replay, specifically for content that is not a live stream like Spirit 92.9. Free online radio stations allow you to hear your favorite local stations in the best way to suit your lifestyle. You can hear the same positive and encouraging message wherever you are in the world at any time. It is amazing technology, and being free makes it even better.


Podcasts differ from free internet radio because they are pre-recorded programming that you must download to hear. With free online radio stations, there is no need to download files to listen. Typically, podcasts are a series of programming options that have specific messages or topics. For example, a syndicated radio program will often podcast each show on their website. Podcasts can be listened to on mobile devices as well. The downside to a podcast is that you must use memory space on your device to store it, while free online radio stations do not require anything but the player on our website or our smartphone app. Podcasts are an excellent way to listen to programming that you were unable to listen to live. However, it is helpful to be selective in the podcasts you download. Free online radio stations such as Spirit 92.9 are great to listen to anytime.

Meeting You Wherever You Are

We love being able to provide our listeners with free internet radio and the ability to listen to Spirit 92.9 on any device. If you have not tried this great option, we invite you to click on the Listen Live button above and experience the great benefits for yourself. We also encourage you to install our new app on your smartphone. Not only can you listen live, but you are also connected to the station and will receive important news and updates. Furthermore, you can take part in special app only promotions. However, the real value of our new app is in its ability to go with you wherever you are and provide the opportunity to listen to your free online radio station on your terms.

Family-Friendly Spirit 92.9

Spirit 92.9 is dedicated to being your source for family-friendly radio programming in St. Cloud and throughout Central Minnesota. Our message is hope and encouragement, and we strive to be both positive and uplifting to all our listeners. We invite you to contact us for more information, song, and prayer requests, to offer your support for this ministry, or for any other reason. Contact our studio line at (320) 257-0929 or office at (320) 251-1780. You can also email us at, or visit our Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter page. We are positive and encouraging, Spirit 92.9!

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