What Does It Mean to be Local, and Why Is It Important?

Local radio could be defined as radio broadcast programming meant for a particular “local” area, as opposed to programming aimed at a national audience. You may wonder why that is important. With the advent of internet radio, one may wonder if local radio is still relevant. The truth is; local radio is so critical for many significant reasons. In this article, let us look at what it means to be local, and why it is so vitally important.

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The above definition is certainly true, but a local radio has a much greater responsibility in the area it serves than the above describes. Local means operating a radio ministry that is dedicated to its listening area. Local radio personalities live in the same communities as their listeners, understand the market, have a grasp of local current events, and care about their local audiences. This builds trust and is far more attractive to local listeners than syndicated content alone. Local also means providing services and events that matter to those in their listening audience. Local means supporting businesses operating within their radius. There are many different facets of what a local radio station is, and all are critically important.

A Friend and Mentor

There is certainly an important place for national content. In some cases, national programming has resources available to aid local listeners that the local station cannot provide. In other instances, a more broad national perspective can also be very beneficial. However, it is important that a local station provide only local programming or blends national content with local content. People who are dedicated to a station feel as though they have both a friend and a mentor. Just knowing the station is local is comforting, allowing people to feel a stronger connection. They have a greater trust in the station and the programming it provides.

A Partner in the Community

A local radio station is invested in the area it serves. Local small businesses and the local economy are vital considerations. Because they are based locally, the economic strength of their area is critical. Also, because their listeners are encouraged to do business with these local vendors, the station is more concerned with the advertisements they play and the services offered to its listeners.

More than Just Music

By sponsoring events, offering programs such as the Shop ‘N Save, and having a presence in the local community, a local station is perhaps able to do more good for more people than national radio alone. Not only does the exposure provide greater opportunity for unbelievers to listen, it too fosters trust that what dedicated listeners hear is carefully chosen and broadcast to meet their needs.

Spirit 92.9 is proud to be a local Christian contemporary radio music station. We understand the value of being locally-minded, and will continue to work hard to serve our local communities. Spirit 92.9 is grateful for our listeners, supporters, and business partners and look forward to many more years of providing Christian contemporary music.

Family-Friendly Spirit 92.9

Spirit 92.9 is dedicated to being your source for family-friendly radio programming in St. Cloud and throughout Central Minnesota. Our message is hope and encouragement, and we strive to be both positive and uplifting to all our listeners. We invite you to contact us for more information, song, and prayer requests, to offer your support for this ministry, or for any other reason. Call our studio line at (320) 257-0929 or office at (320) 251-1780. You can also email us at friends@gabrielmedia.info, or visit our Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter page. We are positive and encouraging, Spirit 92.9!

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